Meet Shayla Rose Szabo

Shayla is a Surrey based artist and community organizer. She has been immersed in Arts and Crafts of various mediums for as long as she can remember. Art has developed from her childhood fun time, to her favorite subject in grade school to a passion and hobby that is integrated into her daily life.

“My mother, late grandmother and aunt have been a big influence on my creativity, they each are/were amazing artist in their unique and amazing ways and seem to have passed their passion for art down to me”

“I will always Actively be creating art, it is so deeply ingrained in who I am, I couldn’t imagine my life without it, I am very proud to be an artist”

Shayla wishes to bring to her artistic and organizational skills to her community and founded this group to bring local artists together in a way that they can learn from one another, be a meaningful part of the community and come to thrive personally benefiting from the connections and experiences of the co-op.

Shayla Rose Szabo's Art

Q & A

I am inspired by the magic and beauty in this world and universe , the people I meet ,the books I read, movies,nature, so many things…
My family, friends and partner are also a big inspiration. 
Inspiration is a big part of my creativity.. I love when I’m inspired by something and it drives me to create, this is when my best work is done .

I Have been Making art for over 25 years

Being a Part if a community of artists is important to me , because I have seen myself and others experienece life without being connected to a community, to your neighbours and even family. When I became active in my community in early 2018 through a group Called Friends of the Grove that my mom Co-founded , my world changed and I got to see how my mom’s work and involvement with community organizing helped her and also helped build a stronger community and opened a door for me to be a stronger me.

I believe in building stronger communities and what better way could I do it than through art , my passion surrounded by my kindred spirits!

This co-op is important to me because it gives me purpose, it helps me and other local artists make connections in the community that improve our well-being.

I love that the co-op invites artists of all levels from beginner to experienced and that it welcomes a diverse group of people specializing in a diverse range of art forms.

This co-op is a dream of mine come true, to be able to provide and source out free and safe spaces, places and events for local artists to vend just means so much to me.