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Meet Nelson Leung

Nelson Leung is a visual artist with a keen interest in Poster Design, Figurative Drawing, Calligraphy and Origami. His favourite media are charcoal, pastel and watercolour, being equally proficient with computer imaging and traditional practices.

He values lineage of the East and the West; and has studied extensively art development and techniques of different genres. He believes that art, literature and music all share a common bond in the human psyche and hence takes an integral approach to all his creative endeavour.

Recently he devotes most of his time in origami design specializing in cute animals as he comes to realize that origami makes good gifts to connect with the community. He strives to design models with utmost charm and poetic expression. He believes that a superlative creation can reverberate the inner energy that awakens deeper perception of life.

He names his origami webpage Mana Origami to signify the power of cosmic energy in all creations. It is his wish to inspire affection sharing as the love of all lives is the basis for peace and Earth conservation.

Nelson Leung's Art

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Q & A

Art as a celebration of life is the goal for me. Since a very young age, the beauty of art subjects opens my inner vision, evoking a transcendental sense of existence. The mystical aura of the Eastern ink paintings and the flamboyant Western oil paintings all took me into a creative realm of awe and fascination about the human psyche.

My creative sources are from the observation of life, nature and living creatures. Portraits and landscape art are my passion. I study incessantly even if I do not have time to actually practice. This approach can accumulate knowledge and keeps the creative progress alive. Studying others’ work with intensity and looking into Nature passionately can inspire infinite creative potentials.

In my art, I strive for the sublimation of poetic expression.

Over half a century! (In a casual amateur sense.) Though I have worked as a graphic artist for about 20 years, I only count fine art as my art occupation, as a learner over a life span.

To share experiences; to mutually support each other; to eradicate the ‘starving artist’ syndrome! Let life blossom in something we love to do!

The Newton group has a distinctive status as a model community to bring about socio/cultural enhancement. It is empowered by peoples’ passion and commitment.

Art is the optimal medium to bring about the message for greater humanity.

Let art inspire and nurture a better society sustained by prosperity, peace and harmony.