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Meet Leanne Bazinet

I am a healer at heart and love creating crystal grids with Gaia’s gifts from nature, primarily working with crystals and their healing abilities. I am a Reiki Master and incorporate these energies from Source with Gaia’s fascinating crystals and minerals. I am presently studying tarot and forever drawn to ancestral, metaphysical healing. I am now blessed with the knowledge of Gaia’s healing tools, and intuitively combine crystals to create grids that address specific healing energies towards specific challenges in each unique individual.

I also love to write and design informational displays that speak of the crystal grids beneficial attributes. I hope to enjoy any contributions and suggestions from the co-op to shape a delightful story of the crystals character and offerings. I continue to study and collect crystals, elements and information from Gaia to allow people to experience the healing energies and help themselves return spirit to a whole and healthy form.

Leanne Bazinet's Art

Q & A

The pure and natural vitality of mother nature and the incredible healing ability available has always inspired me to create and help people feel better. Gleaming, sparkling crystals are beautiful! I adore the magickal energies of the elements; there is nothing more rewarding than working with friendly yet powerful healing crystals. 

After a life long career in hospitals, surrounded by Western Medicine, I now believe strongly in alternative medicines that combine body, mind and spirit to heal. The best of both worlds that takes into consideration the entire physical and spiritual bodies. The immense amount of information now available to learn the truth of our history, and our abilities to heal ourselves is amazing and truly inspirational! Experiencing spiritual healing and helping someone realize their powers is incredibly rewarding! 
Sharing in the joy and wonder of people, especially children, when experiencing crystals is tremendously inspiring. Animals too display a calmness and radiance when feeling the energies of particular crystals, this especially warms my heart and inspires me to continue creating.

Since childhood I love and have been drawn to nature’s gifts and the worlds of higher spirit. I have always felt a peaceful warm connection with nature, especially crystals and animals, and love communicating with their personalities, charm and power. During last 15 years, I have felt intuitively drawn towards healing by creating grids, and combining the stones and crystals with oracle cards that flow with energy specific to the individual person.

I think being involved in the community of artists is inspiring and tremendously helps the community as a whole. Recently I have attended community events with Friends of The Grove and had the opportunity to witness the community sharing in the art and activities of the events. People were happy, smiling, laughing and so inquisitive; immensely enjoying the gathering and displays of art. I think this brings the community together in a beneficial and healing experience, so important to a healthy community, unity. A very talented friend of mine in our group of artists, creates beautiful jewelry and some of her pieces use healing crystals. How wonderful to combine art and healing to benefit people! When the community can enjoy art and the joy it brings they join together in a peaceful, positive way. They can forget the stress and pressure of the world, coming together with all the variety of talents and beautiful creations.

This Co-op is important to me because it brings all these wonderful people together, giving everyone in it the opportunity to share their skills and talents with the community. Together ideas can flow with the confidence to keep creating, inspiring new ideas can only benefit all of us involved. I think wonderful friendships will follow with the unity of these amazing people, perhaps combining all the creative thoughts and ideas will materialize unique crafts and creations. We are powerful together and I hope that this will create a strong voice to let the public become aware of us and our gifts.