Meet Katherine Marley

Katherine is a local writer and poet who has enjoyed making jewelry for several years. She is in the process of branching out in her creative practice and looks forward to participating in the Surrey Artist Co-op

Katherine Marley's Art

Q & A

Being of Scandinavian descent, I see the runic and Viking motifs as a means of respecting and celebrating my personal heritage. I like to think that my working with found and repurposed/salvaged materials is a way of finding the value in things that others may not find apparent.

And, in doing so, assist others in seeing the value which they may not realize that they have.

I have been reading runes and carving rune sets and items since 1985.

To be a crafter/artist/reader/performer is to be a part of the world. Over the course of 30 plus years exhibiting at shows and fairs and festivals I find that I need to interact with the public and with other creative persons. Creativity is something that, for me at least, cannot fully happen in isolation.

I am always looking for opportunities to show my work and to interact with other creative people. I am also at a stage in my life, and in my career as a crafter, where it is appropriate to repay those who have helped me in the past, by supporting and/or offering suggestions or advice to others who are just starting on their creative journey.

I hope that this Co-op will develop into a welcoming, supportive community for positive, creative persons regardless of their experience.