We are a growing group of mainly new and upcoming local artists who work towards a shared goal of being efficient and thriving artists in our community. We source out FREE or LOW-cost events and spaces in our community that will host our group by providing us with available space at their events. At our Table(s) along with our member’s products and services for sale, we hand out promotional materials that have information about our group and how to get connected and involved.

We realize being a new and upcoming artist that events can be expensive, stressful and can put an artist through a trying learning curve. Artists put their heart and soul into creating their work and we believe that there should be a safe, supportive and low-cost way to be introduced into selling your art in the community and at local events.

We hope to encourage newcomers & less experienced members who may not have the same skills that other members may have, to show their work, perhaps for the first time.

Another aspect of this group is to network with other artists and/or artisans,  share information about coming events and to bounce ideas off of each other. Please contact us to to get involved with our monthly meetup where we socialize &  discuss upcoming events and Co-Op related subjects.


The Surrey Artist Co-operative is a group that welcomes artists from all walks of life, who express themselves through various media, and who have differing levels of expertise and experience.

We are a diverse group and welcome artists of all types and backgrounds. We value the diversity of racial and cultural identity and background, nationality, sexual and affectional orientation, gender identity and its expression, religious background and belief, marital status, family structure, age, mental and physical health and ability, political perspective, and educational and class status.

We Understand The members of this group also differ with the amount of time and energy and ability they have to devote to group activities. Some of us have family responsibilities,  some have a day job, some have health issues, each member’s situation is different.

Members are expected to respectfully communicate with each other, respect our group and it’s members, show respect for our community and show initiative to attend our monthly meetings and events and help as you are able.


We believe that being a part of the community brings health and vibrancy to that surrounding community and greater wellbeing to each individual involved.

  • We value creativity
  • We value respect
  • We value community
  • We value acts of kindness
  • We value personal integrity
  • We value commitment
  • We value healthy connections
  • We value diversity


The Surrey Artist Co-operative aims to source out FREE or Low-cost local spaces, places and events for local Artists to come together and sell their art/craft/trade as well as spaces to share their skills.
The co-op has big dreams and goals such as monthly markets, securing reoccurring event space, and procuring a storefront / studio and community housing for artists

Upcoming Events

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Help Build the Surrey Artist Coop

If you have something to contribute we would like to hear from you! Our long-term goal is to secure a full-time accessible studio space somewhere in Surrey where our members can co-create.

How you can help:
⦁ Invite us to local events that we can participate in
⦁ Do you have Tables and tents we can use?
⦁ Do you have a shop or space where our artists can have items for sale?
⦁ Can you provide our group with 1 or more tables at your event?
⦁ Provide a full-time studio space in Surrey
⦁ Purchase art supplies and pay the table fee at craft fairs

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If you’re are a Local Artist interested in joining our group and coming to a Local Monthly Meeting please email us at surrey.artist.cooperative@gmail.com

Like our Facebook Page https://m.facebook.com/surreyartistscooperative/

We are excited to announce the release of our Surrey Artist Co-operative Website. Each member is given the chance to have their own profile! contact us to be a part of it!


We would like to extend a very warm thank you to these people and organizations for supporting us. Thank you.